Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Bittersweet Week

This week was my final week in the compensation and benefits course that I've been attending. Normally I feel a sense of accomplishment and relief when I've completed a course, but this time I don't because I am facing a threat that strikes fear into the hearts of many college students...

I have known this day was coming for a long time and I have worked diligently to delay this inevitability, but this upcoming break will be longer for me than it is for many of my classmates. I have applied for scholarships, private grants and loans, and job hunted with little or no success.

Failure is not an option and inaction is not going to finance my education. I realized a 20-year old dream to continue my education and began a journey filled with growth and discovery. I've overcome obstacles to realize this dream and accomplished so much in these past three years that I cannot just quietly accept that this is my lot in life.

What am I going to do about it? 

I will become an expert on writing essays for scholarship and private grant applications. I will re-evaluate my resume and learn how to create an outstanding resume. I will learn how to craft eye-catching and appealing cover letters. I will focus on growing my network and strengthening my existing connections. Finally, I will keep the following in mind:
There are organizations out there that want to award me a scholarship, grant, or job; they just don't know it yet.

Suggestions? Comments?

I normally add this section because I'm interested in differing points of view and opinions, and want readers to express these ideas. This time, I am asking my readers to share any ideas, tips, or pointers that may help me to accomplish the goals that I have listed above.

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  1. Wow, Charity. It IS scary stuff when faced with those options! I know it won't help right now...but for example, in the state of Oregon (where I am from) we have a specific "website" that we can apply for scholarships (maybe for your state, they have them, too?). I feel your frustration and I applaud your determination as I too will fight tooth and nail to keep attending school! I wish you lots of luck on all of your endeavors. Something will come along for sure.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Carlen. My state has something similar I have been using it to find scholarships and grants to apply for.

    Since I triple-check to ensure that I have filled out the applications for the grants/scholarships correctly, and I have a 3.95 GPA, I think the problem is that the essays I have written for these scholarships and grants don't stand out from the crowd. This is something that I'm going to work on during my involuntary break from college.

    Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck with your courses in the upcoming semester. I've taken quite a few of the courses you will be taking, so holler if you need any help or extra notes!

  3. Charity, I think you said it best. There are people who want to give you money, but they do not know who you are. You are one of the most dedicated people I know.

    I know you will not let this get you down and if there is a way you will find it. As far as advice I am sorry I can not help because I have not applied for a single grant or scholarship. Good luck.


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